adding insult to injury

It was a crazy game of Poker

We went down to my bro’s house for a little poker tournament and a little beer. To get things started we went to eat at one of the local dive bar’s and enjoy the hospitality – “Lindy Rig”, our waitress, was fantastic.

V was poker a machine. He built a fortress of chips to hide behind and ended up winning the first game – though a significant portion of his winnings went toward pizza for everyone. By winning, with the amount of poker experience he has, he brought out some sneering comments from the self proclaimed poker experts. One sneered “how come the worst player here won?” V played, well, erratic. He’d play an eight deuce off-suit like it was pocket aces — hell he played every hand like he had pocket aces. He pulled off some smooth moves. “damn I lost… oh wait, I made a strait! Someone get me another missile!”

I ended up taking third and second and probably bluffed more times in those few hours than I ever have in my entire life. My brother on the other-hand was the true rookie when it came to the poker face.

Jim: “Check to you slim”
B: “uhhhh, I fold”
Everyone: “You can keep your crap cards for free bro, it’s check to you.”
B: “Oh”.

He’d then proceed to flop two pair or something crazy and smoke us all – as long as he wasn’t shuffling.

Um, then the sun came up and everyone went home.

The End.

Anyone catch the O.A.R post title reference?