This weekend I updated my sump pump system in my basement. Originally the sump pump discharge hose went directly into a wash basin in my basement. This is problem because it’s illegal to dump sump water into a city sewer system, and it was dumping sand down my drain and would eventually clog my entire sewer system out of the house. Hey, everybody has to go sometime.

So, I plumbed it up the wall and out of my house. It would have gone much smoother if I would’ve had a 90 degree drill, but I got by with a 1.5″ bit and a reciprocating saw. It’s doesn’t look pretty but it worked; besides, the ugly holes will be inside the wall, and I was able to cut a 2″ hole with a circular bit through the steal siding – so it’s clean where it’s visible out of the house. It now dumps out into my lawn, where it can soak back in and fill the sump well again – wait how’s that better?