I was cranking out procedures so my coworkers can cover for me. In the even that I die, or *gasp* actually take some time off, the company will live on . It started to feel like I was filling out a living will; which is probably a sign that I’m taking too much ownership of my projects but I digress.

“If I up and die, steps one through seven will need to be taken to restore the database”.

Then it hit me. Probably my most morbidly shallow and materialistic idea to date, but what the hell.

IfIUpAndDie.com (conveniently still available), the site where your potential heirs can kiss your ass, and bid for your stuff – in the event of your unfortunate death.

Ooh, a family council center will be an offshoot business cause there will defiantly be some feuding. Okay, back to the original idea.

Here’s the premise: Login and list your assets, now tell all your family/friends – heck even strangers. They can login and submit why they deserve said item, or what they are willing to bid or do to get it. (alternate name heirbid.com)

Got a Porsche? Cousin Billy bids to mow your lawn for 12 months if he gets it in the will. Then, uncle Ted outbids him by offering free labor on an in ground pool.

Wealth is all about leveraging the assets you already have. Too bad I’m going to hell for even thinking this up.