Wooooooeeeee! Just when you thought my neck couldn’t become a darker shade red without billybob teeth… I go drag racing!

Every year on the 4th of july we go racing in Brainerd. My dad has a couple of classic rides that we take down the quarter mile. It was a good time, though I sucked it up during the elimination rounds in the ’76 Vette. I red-lighted by 3 hundredths of a second, and then went 3 tenths faster than my dial in time for a craptacular double breakout. You see, we are in a class that you race against others of similar speed, and “dial-in” the time you think you’re going to run. If you go faster than your time you lose — so it’s consistency that wins, not just speed. Also, you have to wait for the green light. Pa made it quite far, down to the final ten or so. Hey look, I have pictures.