If you’re reading this, then this weblog just went through a huge backend overhaul. I’ve imported over 3,000 records and combined table after table in the database. It was major effort to better separate content from data. Basically I hope to reduce 60+ tables down to about 10, and I’ve pretty much accomplished that.

The actual conversion was from a PHP-Nuke based backend to a b2 based backend. They are still a bit intermingled. The links portion is still Nuke, but the entire usermangment system is out the window. The permalinks still work thanks to a 3 line php file, so you don’t have to change a thing. This is also good for google, because all the links it has indexed so far still function.

I switched because nuke was becoming this big behemuth, too commercialized, and I had tore most of the thing to shreds anyway to get it to do what I wanted. Also, I can use BlogApp with b2. Finally, the themes are much easier to create, and faster to load. Don’t mind the broken links for a few days while I polish this up. I’m more of a trial by fire kind of developer.