I’m having a halloween party (costume required) on Friday November 1st, consider yourself invited.

Actually my roommate’s sister came up with the idea, she even took the day off to decorate. I told her that I’m not much for dressing up, so she went out and bought me a costume. My roomy says “trust her, she has good taste. I’m sure she’ll pick out something cool”.

She bought a scarecrow costume, I’m going to get beat up at my own party.

Now, the scarecrow isn’t an completely lame outfit if you are accompanied by the entire yellow brick road clan and a few midgets from the lollipop guild, but as the lone scarecrow – it is significantly less cool.

I think I’ll tell people that I’m dressed up as The Poor Kid Who’s Mom Wouldn’t Let Him Wear The Cool Transformer Costume so I’m Stuck in this Prissy Little Scarecrow Suit – Punch Me Now. That will be the official title.

See you next Friday.