I guess the Halloween party was a success. It didn’t get too big, nothing expensive was broken, and we toasted the keg at … well, I really don’t remember what time it was. If we talked on Friday, or you told me something important, feel free to tell me again and i’ll “pretend” as though I’ve never heard it before.

If you’re wondering, yes I did wear the spandex scarecrow costume, and no I have no pride or self esteem left.

Of course no party is complete without a naked guy, and to everyones dismay, we had that covered. Note to any and all 6’3″ 260 pound guys, 1 square foot of cloth and a piece of string is just not enough material for a costume when you are “going commando”, trust me. Thanks to all who showed up.

The liver bombarding continued on Saturday night with yet another costume party. They had prizes for costumes so the level of garb was much higher than at my party. Because I would know few people at this party, the scarecrow costume stayed home, I opted to borrow my tenant’s scrubs and went as a Doctor.

What a fun weekend, but if I keep this pace up I’ll die by the time I’m 26.