adding insult to injury

Great Labor Day Weekend

I had so much fun last weekend. On Friday I went down to Minneapolis to meet with 3 of my oldest friends from college. Lance came up from Memphis, and that always means we have a ton of fun. We really just hung out watching the Twins and then went downtown, but somehow that was a ton of fun. I think it was about 4:30 when we finally crashed.

Saturday morning Josh and I headed north to his parents cabin in Webster Wisconsin. We fished and drank beer all weekend. I think in one night we hit about 8 bars with his mom and dad. They were all your typical small town bar where The Meat Raffle is the biggest thing since we landed on the moon and there are more deer heads on the wall than people in the bar. One thing about Webster, good people, but not a lot of teeth. Also, man I love Wisconsin beer prices.

I’d like to mention that I went to a bar deep in the heart of Packer Country that had Vikings and Twins signs up on the wall, and the Twins game was on TV. Also while in Wisconsin at, well, yet another bar, I bought a Twins keychain. I feel much better about what I thought was the Packer Invasion of Minnesota. In Minnesota I see entirely too much Packer garb and junk, but now that I see there is Viking paraphernalia on their turf – so it’s not so bad.

Happy Birthday Ozzy!