adding insult to injury

Good Times

It was the first time in 3 years that my main college roommates were all together, but it didn’t take more than about 2 minutes to slip into the old routine. Rip on each other to no end, no holds barred. We kicked the evening (or early afternoon) off at my place, and then headed out on the town.

Being that I was the only single one in the group, of about 10, they decided that they needed to introduce me to any and all females within a 9 mile radius – wives, girlfriends, and sisters of my buddies joined in as well. How any of them have a significant other is beyond me. It was the most pathetic display of pickup lines I’ve ever seen, but it was funny as hell. I’d like to take a moment to apologize to the young waitress at Granite City who had to put up with the brunt of these efforts for a solid 45 minutes. She had a boyfriend, but did that slow them down? Of course not. She got boo’d by the entire crowd for slipping that information out. This was followed by a point counterpoint comparison of me and her boyfriend. Some of the outstanding lines used were: he’s loaded, he likes computers, he’s hot look at him, he wants you to bare is children, etc. To make sure she didn’t forget, they decided to write all of this down on a napkin including my name, number and lots of XOXOXOX’s. Keep in mind this was the first stop of the night. The average age in the group was about 25 – yeah we’re all “adults” here.

As the evening went on, we fit in some time honored and traditional shots including: tequila, lunch box, kentucky bluegrass, and california cocaine – not to mention enough beer to push the limits of the St. Cloud sewage treatments facility.

Yes, Gary’s Pizza was called.

All told the festivities went on for 14 hours plus; which paved a solid road toward another tradition – the sunday stupids. Typically after a night of drinking, we’d have a terrible time with complicated tasks such as annunciation, and forming complete or coherent sentences as our brains slowly recuperate.

It was great to see them all again, together, we had a blast.