adding insult to injury

Gone in 300 Seconds

I was all set to go to work this morning, and proceeded to go out into the garage and warm up my truck. In the meantime I decided to shovel the end of the driveway where the plow truck went through. No big deal. Shoveling’s done, lets hop in the truck and go.

Hmm, truck’s running. Doors, locked.

No problem, I have a spare key in my laptop bag, which I’m of course never without… until now. The bag is in the truck. The truck is still running, doors… still locked.

I then began brushing up my four letter word vocabulary and went inside. I tried to convince myself that maybe I took my spare set out, but I knew better. Both sets of keys are definitely locked inside.

So I reached for the phone book to contact a locksmith, but stopped right there. The door on the truck didn’t shut all the way, let me see if I can break into this mother I thought. So I went and got the thickest coat hanger I could and went outside.

I was able to fit the coat hanger through the crack in the door and down to the power door lock button. In just under 5 minutes I was in and on my way to work.

This proves I’m a hazard to myself and most likely others before my Mountain Dew breakfast.