My roommate and I have this running challenge going called The Dumbest Girlfriend Contest.

It’s not as degrading as it sounds as the girls are well aware of the contest and eager to tell us of noteworthy events. Last week for example, Chad’s girlfriend came over and told us this story: (Names left unchanged to embarrass the guilty) ‘Kari was coming over to our apartment one evening and it seems she was listening to some rockin’ tunes in her car because when she got out she heard a beeping noise from her purse. She assumed it was her cell phone notifying her of a missed call or message received, but as she reaches into her purse to pull out her cell phone… she pulls out a huge cordless land line phone from her apartment. It’s a good 12 times the size of her cell phone. She’d thrown in into her purse by mistake. Apparently the beeping was her home phone looking for the base station… 7 miles away. The display read: “Base station out of range”.