Do Corn Dogs take two hours to cook? They do if your chef of a girlfriend cant remember to turn on the oven.

She checked the dogs after about 35 minutes in the oven (corndogs take 9 minutes from frozen mind you), and laughed at her mistake. She’d left the oven off. Now after that, you’d think that she would try extra hard to make sure the oven was on, no you’d be wrong. She merely turned the temp up a little to help speed things up (it was at 200 before). Apparently it’s easy to ignore the fact that no heat is coming out of the oven.

Fast-forward 45 minutes, stove still cold, corn dogs, still frozen.

Ooohh, you have to turn the oven to bake and see the little red light come on, not just set the temperature above freezing.

I’m hungry.

Update:Two years later, she still hasn’t learned how to use an oven. She managed to first forget to turn on a burner to boil water. Yes, I realize that boiling water is exhaustingly complicated?!! 30 minutes into it she realized that the burner was off. She then turned on the wrong one and destroyed her mom’s fancy burner covers.