adding insult to injury

Garbage Day, Batten Down the Hatches

For about 6 weeks in a row we’ve had gale force winds on garbage day. This of course means that a significant portion of my neighbors garbage ends up in my backyard, and nearly all of my garbage ends up strewed about the street. You’d think the mayhem would be over once the garbage man finally empties the cans, but they go on a neighborhood rolling rampage.

The cleanup is naturally an “athletic” display of chicken chasing as I scurry about trying to wrangle each piece of garbage and put it back in the can – only be blown away next week.

Once the trash is picked up I go on a door to door search for my garbage cans. I think next time, which I’m sure will be one week from today, I’m going to escalate it to a full blown kitty hunt by making posters that say “Have You Seen This Garbage Can?” with a nice photo. It’s either that or tie them up and put the garbage in plastic bags, but that just seems inhumane and a lot of work.