Today I got a very disturbing email from my sweet little mother who has never killed a thing in her life. Here is the entire email, word for word.

“Today I killed an animal.! That old woodchuck sat in front of the little blue garage. I loaded my one bullet in the 22. Slowly opened the porch door ( hoping I wouldn’t shoot a hole in the garage) … I shot !! He rolled around and scurried into the garage and I heard thumping. Ick! 20 min. later I was going to go to town …and there he was. He had drug himself out of the garage with his insides dragging behind. ( it was awful ) He was still trying to get away so I thought I had to shoot it again. Again it flopped around disgustingly!! So again I had to go back inside to get my one shell and try again. Was I such a a terrible shot that I was just shooting off little legs or pieces of it each shot????? It took 4 shots before it finally stopped that awful flopping !! Does it always take that long for them to die ??? I feel sick ! I think I will hang up my gun . bye, mom”