adding insult to injury

Derft Goes to Pebble Beach

Last weekend a few buddies and I hit the new golf simulator in town. It was a pretty good time, as you don’t have to wait for the beer-cart-girl to come around, you can just walk up to the bar – oh you can order pizza too. Nice.

Because none of us are fantastic golfers, the comedy unfolded rather quickly. In a new series not unlike Dorf Golf, I introduce you to Derft Golf. You can see Derft in all sorts of wacky situations. Here he is hitting out of the sand into a giant rock wall. In this photo he is so far off the beaten path that he found a tropical rain forest – and a golf cart. Finally see the Derft hitting yet another shot out of the sand, only this time it’s into a fence.

Reportedly there were no scouts in the gallery.

Update: I should mention that his name was listed in the “Eagle Watch” for target league last week.