adding insult to injury

Demo Expires in 49,710 days.

bbedit demo expirationI use a program called BBEdit very often. I purchased version 6 and version 7 of the software. Version 8.0 just came out so I started using the full featured demo to see if it was worth the upgrade price — and it is. I didn’t plan on purchasing the upgrade until after the 30 day demo expired. Yesterday the application said it would expire in less than 24 hours. Today, it says it expires in 49,710 days. For the mathematically challenged, that’s in 136+ years. I’m guessing that’s a quiet feature change in the new version they released today (8.0.2). why they just released another update to the demo. I guess I’ll just keep waiting until it expires.

Update: The demo expired the next day. It was a dialog error, not a demo expiration error.