adding insult to injury

Deer Hunt 2004

First week of roughing it at deer camp is over. Okay, truthfully – we just stay at my parents house and my mom cooks for us – oh and we only hunt Saturday and Sunday. So, it’s no where near roughing it, but it is tough to fend off her persistent pie offerings.

We typically do a lot of standing the first weekend. My parents own 80 acres and we have permission to hunt a couple of the surrounding 40’s. It was around 50 degrees warmer this year – it was ten below zero last year. I felt guilty not even wearing gloves.

We were on a drive yesterday where my Dad and I were pushing to big bro in the stand. We jumped a few, and I was busting my ass zig zaggin back and forth to keep them in front of us. It involved sprinting, stomping, whistling, and sweating at them to keep them from leaving our land. Somehow we managed to corral one within 10 feet of the stand, and he dropped it with one (stomach) shot.

I posted a few shots on flickr, but will add a gallery later.

The northern lights should be out again tonight if you missed them, get out of town and take a look.