adding insult to injury

Deck Days

I’m fired up. I’m refinancing my house to get rid of some bad debt, and to more easily afford to finish off the house – most importantly, a deck. I’ve been to Menards no less than 3 times designing it. I’m going to go to the Depot and sit down with a deck designer as well just to be sure. I’m thinking it will be 14′ by 18′ with stairs and angled corners.

But, before I can put the deck in, I need to do some landscaping. I’m going to put in rock where the deck will be and then continue it around the house – I may even put in a few plants to kill and some of those ubiquitous solar powered lights that exactly every house in my neighborhood has.

Hopefully I’ll have a bit of dough left over for sheet-rock and stuff for the basement, but to make that happen I’ll have to get rid of the helicopter landing pad and built in swimming pool I was planning for the deck.

Well it’s complete. I’ve just sold my house to myself for more than I paid for it. Now I just have to wait 72 hours before the loan is final.