adding insult to injury

Dazzle and iChat AV

Yesterday Apple announced a new zero-config chat client with audio and video capabilities called iChat AV. When everyone else has been saying video conferencing – Apple is saying, call you grandkids and see them on video. It’s a super easy to set up, and it delivers a high quality video stream right through your chat client. Not a real big deal, but they’re doing it better and easier than I’ve ever seen.

iChat AV supports Apples new iSight, as well as “any firewire ready camcorder.” This got me to thinking, what if I had a Dazzle analog to firewire converter? Could I stream from whatever analog video or audio source I want? If I had a buddy in say South Carolina who wasn’t able to get the Vikings game, I could patch it through my Dazzle (that I don’t have) and stream the game down to him. I believe the answer is yes you can, but of course not without the written consent of the NFL. Too easy.