My two closest friends are now married. One this past weekend and the other two weeks ago. I was a groomsman in each and am very wedding’ed out. The first was ogre, he was married in Taylors Falls, MN. The second was Josh in Granite Falls on the other side of the state. Granite Falls was the site of a massive tornado attack just weeks ago with much of the town destroyed. The national weather service recorded 5 tornadoes from a single storm system with ratings as high as F4, all of which bared down on this city of 3000. To the elation of the Bride to be, the reception hall and church were left unharmed.

Wedding Highlights. The now infomous American Pie phenomenon was performed at both weddings. A PG version early in the evening, and a not-so-PG version for the last song of the night. This tradition started 4 years ago when we were freshman at