adding insult to injury

Complaining About Google Is Ruining Google

If you read weblogs you no doubt have come across the a-listers bitching about how Google is broke because weblogs are oft near the top hits for searches.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m searching for something on Google, I rarely have to go past the top 10 hits. If I do go past, I don’t spend hours spouting about how Google sucks and start writing volumes on how the internet is not what it used to be (starting… .now).

So listen up, just refine the search by entering -weblog into your search arguments if you don’t like weblogs skewing the results. Problem solved. It’s not Google that’s busted, its all the useless content that we bloggers are spreading across the web.

What’s worse, is Kottke listed all the searches that Google inaccurately points to his site, even further confusing Google. Still worse yet is the fact that all the Kottke minions (myself included) will link to that post, and Google will think he’s an even more of an expert on the items he listed. In effect he just made his own Google bomb and exploited and damaged the vary thing he’s complaining about.

Remember, everything that is in the public domain runs the risk of being abused, wheather it’s the homeless man pissing in the drinking fountain in the park, or some hose-head blogger who talks about Farva all day long and consequently Google thinks he’s an expert on the subject (well, I am, chicken fucker). If you really want to help the issue and like me you spend all day pretending you’re the foremost site on a given subject rather than actually being one, just block Google-bots from crawling your site and suggest others to do the same.

Does anyone else see the irony in my complaining about other people complaining? I just didn’t have any content for a few days and thought I’d make something up.

So, in summary: it’s not weblogs that are ruining Google, it’s people complaining about how weblogs are runing Google. That is actually ruining Google more. Incidentally, the best place to find out what’s ruining Google, is of course Google.