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Cheap and Easy TiVo Upgrade

complete_no_fan.jpgThe TiVo I bought back in January was the bottom of the line, 40 hour in a TiVo branded box. It’s worked great. Right away I added on the USB ethernet adapter so it could talk to home base through my broadband internet rather than dial up because I don’t have a land line – haven’t since ’98. I got the home media option so I can wirelessly stream mp3’s to my tivo, but I hardly ever use that feature.

The problem I’m having is I can only save like one episode of a few shows and they’re automatically deleted after a couple days to make room for upcoming shows. I needed a bigger TiVo. So I watched the deal sites for a economical 160 GB drive (51$ shipped). I bought a slick case adapter for the tivo that allows for an extra fan and a second hard drive. Then all I had to do was burn a boot cd, format the drive, set the jumpers on the internal 40 GB drive to Master, add the second drive and fan to the TiVo, and plug in the machine.

Now I’ve got a dual HD TiVo with 208 hours of recording time, instead of 40, and it was on the cheep. Plus, I didn’t loose any of my settings or old recorded shows.

Geeky. Sweet.