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Category: Winton Moberg

It has to be said

Flinchless in the face of peer pressure, is still without an update. (yeah, yeah… I’ll see you in hell too)

Weblog Down! Neuki calls it quits.

I’ve caught wind of rumors that Neuki is down for good. It seems Erik is ready for bigger, better things. Stay tuned for future announcements as I keep my eye out for his next endeavor.

It’s official

The easily attainable and undeniable proof that Erik has lost it. Completely.

Score at Ebay!!!!!

Looks like Bearpod has an ebay bidding war on his hands for the Evil Skull Racer of Doom. You just have to bid for this thing. Something to tell the grandkids about. Spread the word.

Please turn your head upside down.

It took me a while to get Erik.

Weblog Thieves – the search continues

Finally, undeniable photographic proof that weblog design thief and overall Neuki cloner exists.

| See Photographic Proof |

Americas Most Wanted Weblog Thieves

There are Erik’s search. It seems

All the good domains are gone

Sorry Neuki, but you can’t take registered by some Canadian. Maybe we should start guarding the border to the north a little more closely. Soon you will hear people saying “Those damn tanless Canadians are jumping the borders at night and stealing all the good domain names.” …er maybe not.

He is not that wretched

I am four elevenths sure that Neuki is talking about my roomate and his red cougar in

Creativity Located

Creativity has been found – in exactly the right color. Thanks to Erik for the logo. You may know him from such blogs as Neuki or Antibionic …and many more. Holding down multiple blogs sites, a job, full time student, an internet celebrity and strait up pimp… how does he find time to dabble in the graphic arts?

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