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Category: User Submission

Cool School

I just got a new web design class approved at my school. It will be based on creating, updating, and managing

Netscape 6! Ahh!

Looks like Netsape 6 has been officially released. I’m frightened. According to someone at CNET it’s “maybe even an IE killer.” We shall see.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here poking fun at Robert until he puts together a defaultless layout.

Chicken wings!

Point, Click and Ship off the tracks

This clipping was sent to me by czimpel. It is an actual UPS order tracking statement. It shows the real reason why his package was taking so damn long. Click “Read More” to see, and I reiterate – it is real!

Finally! They might allow bootlegs on eBay.

According to this Nando Times article, eBay will not be held responsible for the selling of illegal bootlegs on their site. Sounds to me like it’s time to bust out the old acoustic guitar, record some power chord-supported screaming, and sell it as the latest ultra-rare Nirvana boot.

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