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New Golf Gear

I’ve been slowly over the past 12 months accumulating some new golf gear. The latest is a new driver that sounds like an Easton aluminum bat when hit. It’s a Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS. They have a deal from now through the end of June where you buy a driver and you get a free 3 wood. From now on, when I go to the driving range I’ll just call it BP.
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2009 Golf Year in Review

My good buddy V asked us to blog about all of our golf accomplishments, rounds, times we thought about golf, etc. He’s been blogging and so far in 6 posts he’s tallied 183 exclamation points… and counting. (I did a find-all, so it’s no exaggeration.) His exuberance has convinced me to do the same.

And now, for my annual summary of my golfing accomplishments: I put my clubs in my truck — just in case. This concludes my summary.

Save us?!?

Save us?!?I sent a mass text message to about 10 people on Sunday during half-time of the Vikings game. (Bengals were up 27 rip at the time.)

Me: Go Bengals! Fuck!

Noel: Fucking beautiful
Patches: This is horrible!
Josh (packer fan): Sweet go sharper
BT: Son of a… 6 quarters and no offensive TD
V: Screw the vikers
BT: What the Hell!
Ozzy: Don’t know about you but I’ve always been a bengals fan

Fun Stats!
50% of possessions result in turnovers.
At one point in the game, Daunte was throwing an interception every six passes.
Bengals had 17 penalties wiping out one touchdown and two Culpepper fumbles deep in Vikings territory and were still ahead 37-0.
Daunte has 10 turnovers in 2 games.
2 fumbles that were recovered by the Bengals were given back due to inconsequential penalties.
We’re down 37 nothing with 4 minutes left, and go for two, followed by an onside kick… sometimes you don’t go with ‘the chart’ and you cut your losses.
Vikings defense gave up 504 yards and 26 first downs

P.S. The Vikings are only one game out of first in the NFC. Whew.