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Category: Shameless Plug

Be like Mike (famous that is)

Mike just went shamless, but dont we all.

Mike needs to be famous… and fast.

He’s gone Blogdex crazy all the way to number one.

Airport Base station

If anyone wants a wireless base station, useful for web surfing while on the can; I’m selling one on ebay.

Nascar Tickets for sale

I’m selling 2 Nascar winston cup tickets, 2 Nascar Busch ticket and 2 pit pass tickets to the Kansas race on Sept 28-29. Any takers?

dack is back to normal

The infamous a day without weblogs (dww).

BlogHop – Rate me

For no apparent reason I have listed this blog on blog hop. If you love saltedwound, click here – or use little color coded happy blocks under the bloghop heading on the right. I have no shame.

Diablog – a shameless plug

Shameless promotion for

Can it be true?

Quick! Go to MostlyHarmless and see the world most lackluster weblog design, (thought heavily laden with humor and wit) before it is too late. Rumors have been circulating throughout the blog community, whose speed is unparalleled, of a unheard-of event. The rumor whispers contain truths of a design change. No word yet on its complexities, but check periodically for updates on this historic event.

How’s that for motivation Robert?

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