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Salted Wound Member Messaging

If you haven’t already noticed, you Salted Wound members can message each other. To use it click on the number next to your login name in the Currently Online box to the right. Think someone is a moron? Send a private message to their login name. Think I’m a moron? My login is saltedwound. More useless fun at Salted Wound to come.

Busy busy

I am busy working on my commercial web site, not much time for posting. Once it is finished you will see many similarities between this site and my commercial one. I use this weblog to test out PHP code and other web tricks to use in my “more official work”. Right now I have to populate a DB with a few thousand records. Let the carpal tunnel begin.

Christmas Theme

Salted Wound has gone christmas for the weekend. If you can’t stand the theme you can

Theme Madness

I added a theme feature to Salted Wound. Now if you are a member you can customize how the site appears to you. There is even a lame christmas theme is you are feeling festive. The theme preference is cookie based, so you will need that crap turned on. If you are a member click to customize sign up.