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Selling a Projector on Ebay



Free Internet Calls to Land Lines

Oh my! For at least the remainder of 2006, skype is offering no strings attached, free calls to any land line or moble phone as long as both where you’re calling from and to are in the US. This is your chance to try a landline, VOIP, or Vonage alternative!

Steak Brander

You know I want one of these

Urine Trouble

Heads up for Trucker Bombs!

Heck Yes!

Learn to dance like Napoleon Dynomite [via: kottke]

PS3 Screenshots

Here is an image of actual game-play on the new ps3. The game is Killzone 4.

I’m Crazy Bitch

Dave Chappelle checks himself into a mental institution.

42″ Plasma for $1,600

If I were making some sweet moolah with uncle rico, I’d buy this un-pricey 42″ Plasma Display for the office because I saved so much on my projection system in the basement.

Uncle Rico’s Time Machine on Ebay Now

You’ve seen the future, now what about the past: Uncle Rico’s Time Machine on Ebay Now!

Super Smart Plane

The new Airbus A300-600ST Super Transporter looks super smart!

Google Maps Sattelite Photo Sightseeing

A blog that lists many popular US sites that can be seen on googles new sattelite photo feature of google maps. One not listed on the site (yet) is Mount Rushmore.

Transparent Desktop Pictures

Take a picture of what’s behind your display, and make it your desktop pattern. Leads to some cool effects, but it’s harder than it looks. There is a flickr group dedicated to the cause.

Zach Braff, Punk’d

Zach Braff, (writer/director of the movie garden state, and star of TV Comedy Scrubs) just posted comments on his weblog about getting punk’d. It just aired on Sunday… and of course everyday from here on out like every other show on MTV.

Rex Kwon Do

You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face when I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it!
alt text

Why everyone should have a webcam

This is why everyone should have a webcam. (sound required)

Yahoo Turns 10

Yahoo is 10 years old. 10 years, 100 moments.

Paris Made Me Change My Number T-Shirt

Get your Paris Made Me Change My Number T-Shirt while everyone will still remember what it means.

Non Flip Razr Phone

Motorola announced a new, non flip (candy bar style) razr phone.

Super Bowl Ads

IFILM – Super Bowl Ads.

Google just got into the mapping game

Google Maps has my favorite UI of any online mapping service i’ve tried.

USA Today: How the Superbowl Ads Ranked

USA Today: How the Superbowl Ads Ranked (Via HREFs.)

Kazaa Logging Downloads

Court documents reveal that Kazaa is logging all user downloads. [via]

BYU Student Makes Documentary of Michael Moore

BYU Student Makes Documentary of Michael Moore.

Bird Flu Spreads Human to Human

This is very, very bad.

Mororola Ruins Razr

Motorola must have just found out that they made a bad-ass looking popular phone, so the quickly made an ugly version to get back to their roots.

Moss Mocked

Randy Moss mocked by Wisconsin bilboard.

A9 Amazon Yellow Pages

The new A9, Amazon Yellow Pages are pretty powerful. You can enter in a topic and a location and it will show you on a map where they all are, for example, golf courses in St. Cloud, MN and in come cases in larger cities they’ll show you photos.

Google Video Search

Google video search allows you to search for words on recent television shows. Not real powerful yet, but it’s a start. I’m sure people who download bit torrent files will be loving this.

Unintentional Stalker

Craigs list entry to “the girl in the parking garage.”

Refurbished Tools

Wow. Amazon has some sweet deals on refurb tools, including dewalt!

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