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Nasa’s Watching

I was perusing the list of people who have been perusing Objective Labs when I saw this:


Good to see NASA is checking out my software, because it has so much to do with rocket science and getting the space shuttles back into the air.

Nice work boys. Glad to be of help.

Software Update

I wrote a new version of MailMergeApp over the weekend. Here’s the press release:

MailMergeApp 1.1 ($10) is an AppleScript Studio application with plugin support, which offer compatibility with any scriptable email program (currently supports Apple’s and BareBones’ Mailsmith). This version also adds support for attachments and interface improvements. – Objective Labs

I implemented a plugin environment to allow other scripters to add support for their own email applications. There arent many (any?) other AppleScript Studio programs that have plugins so I’m getting a few emails from curious developers wondering how I pulled it off.

A developer from fame has already sent me a plugin for Eudora that I’m testing and will add to the package soon.

Big Day at Objective Labs

It’s Mine and You Can’t Use It

I was contacted by lawyers, and at their urging I must rename my company and cease the use my domain name. I’ll let you figure out who they worked for if you really care.

I can’t afford the battle win or lose, so I’m just going to lay down and do what they say.

As for a cool new name, I’m out of ideas, and haven’t found any good available domains. I want a .com (just cause). Anybody know of some good domain names that would work for a tiny software company?

I’ve been using Deleted Domains for ideas. Keep in mind that I have no attachment to Web Entourage (the current name). It can be something totally different.

SearchApp Released (again)

I wrote tiny application, and I thought I’d share it with ya’ll. It’s called SearchApp. It’s basically a dialog that points search terms toward your favorite search engine. I use it in conjunction with LaunchBar. I hit cmd-space-se – then type in my search and hit return. It will launch your browser if need be, or open the search in a new window if a browser is already running. It also has an editor so you can add your own search engines.


I’ve released an update to SearchApp that fixes the previous bug reported by MH (and a few emails). I’ve also added a clear text box button ala the finders search box – it’s pictured.

BlogApp v1.2 is out

I just released BlogApp v1.2 to non-registered users today. (Registered users have had it for about a week). It has some nice new features like smart html tag insert and a html tag customization drop-down menu. This guy started a weblog just so he could use BlogApp, cool.

BlogApp v1.0 released

I released BlogApp (screenshots and info available here), my first attempt at an AppleScript Studio application tonight. You can get your own copy for the reasonable price of 6 dollars, which someone actually paid 22 minutes after the site went live, so I guess that’s a good start.
I have some big plans for it, but I may have to wait for the next release of Mac OS X (coming very soon) to pull them off. Here is my real dilemma, I suck at Photoshop, and BlogApp needs a better icon. Anyone feel like being generous can send me a 128 by 128 (pixel) Photoshop (psd) file (transparencies encouraged) that would be just swell. I plan on having a contest of some sorts with a free copy going to the winner. (I know what your thinking, “it’s only a 6 dollar value”. But remember, that’s 100% of my income : )  )