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Quesadillas anyone?

And now for a joke that’s funny to exactly 10 people.

“Did I fucking say anything about any fucking quesadillas?”

Here’s my attempt at the story behind the photo. You should know that there is no way of telling it without ending with “You kinda had to be there”.

Ok, so it’s day one of the softball season and we’re going go to drink some beer afterward because, well, that’s what you do after softball. Our team is sponsored by local watering hole called Jimmy’s – so naturally we always go there after the game. V had to run an errand and then he was going to meet us. The shirts all say Jimmy’s on the front, every one said things like “going to Jimmy’s”, “see you at Jimmy’s” etc, but V thought we all went to Howies. If you’re wondering why Howies, because as you know Howies in a entirely different town – believe me, we all wondered the very same thing. So he’s wondering around Howies, alone, for like 10 minutes, thinking we’re playing a trick on him. He finally gives up the search and calls Noel. Keep in mind by this point he’s starving. He asks Noel to order him a burger so it’s ready for him when he actually makes it to Jimmy’s, and Noel replies: “We’ve got some extra Quesadillas here if you want some”. Nice enough gesture, but V responds with the now infamous:
“Did I fucking say anything about any fucking quesadillas?”

We cant make it 20 minutes into a game with out some sort of quesadilla joke.

See, I told you ya had to be there.

Warmed Up

I attended a fantastic house warming party on Saturday. My bud has been working on the house for months now, and it’s really looking good. He’s got a nice 34″ 16×9 flat tv built into the wall above the fireplace. In the kitchen he put in custom concrete countertops, poured in his garage, and sweet stainless kitchen setup. The house looks like something out of trading spaces if there designers were actually good. I should have taken pictures.

I should inform you that he supplied beer and food for the event so my opinion my be a bit influenced – that and he had the ultimate tail-gating grill on hand. It mounts to the hitch receiver on the back of a pickup just like those little bike racks that you see on the back of mini-vans. It’s a charcoal grill about two feet by four feet with a chimney stack out the top. It made some bad-ass fajitas for 50 without breaking a sweat. I have to have one.

Twins vs White Sox

I had a blast at the Twins game on Saturday. They won, so we picked a good game to go to – the Twins got blasted by the White Sox in every other game in this 4 game home series. There were lots of hits and lots of great catches.

I’d like to give props to the guy two sections over who continually screamed WOOOOOOO! for the last two innings and all the way to his parking garage. I didn’t see it on the menu at any of the concession stands, but this guy was definitely a “Red Balls” drinker. I’d also like to give a shout out to the woman directly in front of me (not pictured) who decided the dome was a private enough place to breast feed – thanks a lot for pointing that out to me Josh. There just has to be a better place to get that done.

I like the look of the new turf in the dome, somehow shag carpet really works with the 20+ year old stadium. You can tell by the number of times the Twins bunt for base hits that the new turf plays really slow. I don’t think the efforts to steam roll the turf during the twins last road trip had much effect.

Toilet Technology

I’m excited for Ozzy about the exciting new toilet technologies available at Home Depot. Some day he will be able to “drop the kids off” at an “indoor pool” again.

Note, french fries are also still flush-able – Ogre is reportedly a bit too excited about that.

Timberwolves Game

As you can clearly see, I went to the Timberwolves game on Saturday. The tickets were a gift. They were in the seventh row of the upper deck, which is not bad at all! They won the game if you don’t follow the lumber pups. It was the first time I had seen the new score board and light system an the Target Center. The upgrade was money well spent, though it still pales in comparison to the xcel center.

After the game we went to a few bars in uptown for the Chief’s birthday. Shots of Jager and a few Liquid Viagras made for some interesting conversations. For some reason I slept on a love seat and woke up with my spinal cord severed in three places, but it was worth it.

Weather Genius

damn that's cold
The weather man today, on one of the local channels, actually said “The 15-28 below windchill will be a bit uncomfortable.” Wow, thanks. Sounds like I should maybe think about putting on long sleeves before I go outside.

TV Envy

I finally got over to my brothers house again. I hadn’t been there since the day he moved in. Anyway, he fired up a movie on his new Samsung DLP 50″ HDTV with his kickin’ “up-converter” dvd player that actually makes DVD’s sharper. (unfortunatly my camera-phone doen’t quite have the ‘sharpness’ to show off the 1080 lines of resolution that the tv has.) Then he plopped in SOCOM II with the hi-def cables and proceeded to smoke everyone in the entire game. Amazing. I will kill for one.

Sunday Drivers

semicrash.jpgI was on my way back home from the cities during the snow storm when I came across this. It was on 94 west where the construction is going on, next to Maple Grove. This semi had lost control and busted through the concrete barrier you can see in the bottom of the picture and collided with a car coming form the other direction.

All told I be I saw about 25 cars in the ditch from Burnsville to St. Cloud.


So, I’ve spun off a moblog I currently call Mofotos. I take shots and post to the site with my new camera phone. We’ll see what I end up doing with the domain.

Update:I’ve added a MOFOTOS section to the sidebar of this site. Update2: That was too much work. I pulled all the photos to this site, and now there just a category on this site.