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Category: Minnesota

Charter Internet is down for the Entire State

Internet is down for MN charter communications customers. Strangely I can reach google and and all other urls fail.

Update: It’s back up. I’m not sure if this news is the cause of the outage or a smokescreen for the outage.

The @MNTimberwolves have draft…

The @MNTimberwolves have drafted 4 point guards and a shooting guard so far. I wonder which ones will still be here in the morning.

Minnestoa Stadium Talk on P.A. and Dubay Show with Senators

If you’re even remotely interested in the Minnesota stadium talks for the Gophers, Vikings, or Twins you have to listen to the Paul Alen and Jeff Dubay interview of Senator L. Pogemiller.

It’s available here in mp3, stream or podcast.

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