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She’s All Woman

The little pup is growing up. It seems like only yesterday she was biting my ankles, oh wait she was. Anyway, she’s in heat for the first time, and well, I have white carpets in my house. If you’ve been around dogs in heat *caugh Ogre* then you know that white carpets don’t belong anywhere near the little hormone machines. The solution of course is to fit your dog with tail modified Scooby Doo Underoos and some maxi’s – with wings. She doesn’t mind them and they’re a lot cheaper than the frumpy doggie diapers the pet store has – not to mention more stylish.

All Go No Quit

I’ve been asked why I haven’t been taking more pictures of lilly. Well the truth is, it’s not an easy thing to do. She never slows down.

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Meet Lilly

meetlilly.jpgThough I will not be competing for most pet photos with Kari, I will post about my roommates dog Lilly from time to time. She’s a purebred Yellow Lab. She’s been a good dog so far, but anything that will fit or nearly fit in her mouth, will eventually end up there. Here is a little video clip of her.

Update: I fixed the link to lilly’s movie (if that one fails, try this one [6 MB]). Also, I’ve added a Lilly section to the photo gallery. If you use an RSS reader and would like to be updated for every lilly picture, use this URL.