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First Leopard Web clip

First Leopard Web clipThe new version of mac os x lets you create your own dashboard widgets out of any portion of any web page. I’ve been watching this one pretty closely. I’m way over due for an iPhone and I’m all about getting it on the cheap.

Husky Win

Husky WinSCSU Homecomming 2007. Huskies win 7-0. Thanks for the seats Jeremy! The Canisius College boys looked to be giving 2-3 inches and 20-30 pounds at every position. Basically, a bunch of Minnesotans showed the New Yorker’s what hockey is. Ash felt bad for their goalie — the "sieve, you suck" chants after every goal followed by the "it’s all your fault" chant after the 7th goal may have had something to do with the sympathy.

Req Room

Req RoomThe sheetrock in the basement is now complete. All told we used 85 sheets. A mix of 8, 10 and 12 footers. The sad thing is, once you’re finally finished is when you start getting good. Oh well. Next step is to hire a mud and tape pro to fix all the mistakes.

Jackpot! You can thank me later.

It’s large-garbage-day in town this Saturday. Our garbage bill is included in our property tax. Twice a year you can leave pretty much anything at the end of your driveway and they’ll take it away. Scavenging leachers peruse the neighborhood. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

I just hit the mother load! A beta-max player and a 25" furniture TV up the road from my house. If you hurry it’s probably still there!

No Balls… thanks for the advice Bob Barker

No BallsTucker was neutered on Thursday. By Friday he was humping every leg within 30 feet of him. I guess we forgot to tell him what neutered means. The poor little guy had to go back into the vet on Monday because his guts haven’t been right since… nor has my yard, front entryway, or his crate. Now he’s on prescription dog food and some enzyme meds in a syringe to regulate things. *This concludes your dose of too-much-info for the day.*

Local police hunt for armed man

“Authorities are warning St. Cloud residents that a man who fled officers Monday should be considered armed and dangerous.” Reports the central Minnesota paper The St. Cloud Times.

After 18 hours of searching the St. Augusta area (about a quarter mile from where I work) police have yet to find him. And no wonder! The man is described as a 26 year old wearing a cutoff dark-colored T-shirt and blue jeans. Looking for an armed young man in a cutoff in central Minnesota is like looking for needle in a stack of needles!

Meet my new best friend. I will call him plasma.

Meet my new best friend.42" Plasma. I never really planned on getting a plasma but I got a super sweet deal on this baby. I also wasn’t planning on hanging it on the wall, but the stand it came with is missing parts — I don’t know if I can wait 5 to 7 business days to use the thing!

Still, you do have to admit the cardboard stand really does bring it all together…

Hack your T-Mobile Nokia 6133 to Allow Opera Mini and More

Step 1: Get the phone

Option 1: Get a Nokia 6133 unbranded

  • you’re all set, move on to step 2.

Option 2: Get a Nokia 6133b from T-Mobile

  1. Completely charge your phone
  2. Pay for flashing by Great service. (ship it or drop it off)
  3. Wait for phone to get back (Takes about a week round trip.)

Step 2: Hack iSync and pair with Mac.

Step 3: Get T-Mobile settings from

  1. Got to
  2. Click on Support » Setup.
  3. Click on Get Settings (under Settings and Browsing and MMS Messaging image)
  4. Click on Get Standard Settings.
  1. Accept terms
  2. start
  3. Choose your phone. (if 6133 is not listed choose 6131)
  4. select T-Mobile USA as your network
  5. select T-Mobile Internet as your service providor
  6. enter your security code, phone number and send it to your phone.
  7. Receive text message with settings. (save, and load them)
  1. Accept them.
  2. Load them

Step 4: Set-up Custom Data Access (for java apps)

  1. Menu
  2. Settings
  3. Configuration
  4. Personal config settings
  5. Options: Add New
  6. Choose Access point from the list
  7. Enter a something for Account Name
  8. Then go into Access Point Settings
  9. Under Data Bearer choose Packet Data
  10. And in Bearers settings enter the following:
  1. Packet Data Access Point:
  2. Network Type: IPv4
  3. Authentification type: Normal
  4. User name: *blank*
  5. password: *blank*

Step 5: Get Java Applications

Get Opera Mini:

  1. On your phone go to
  2. Download Opera mini
  3. Install it
  4. Start browsing

Best Opera Mini Sites:
My Home Page: –it gives me access to weather, gmail, espn, yahoo sports, new york times, and basically any feed you can think of all on one tiny page.

Get Google Maps:

  1. On your phones browser (not opera) go to
  2. CLick on google maps
  3. Download and install the app

Get Gmail:

I couldn’t get the gmail java app working, there is always on your web browser (Opera Mini)

Steps I Tried to get Gmail working – none worked, contact me if you get it working!

The flashed phone is not recognized by google so you have to circumvent the certificate by placing it on your phone manually. The certificate required by Gmail Mobile Application is available for download at

Here’s an alleged guide to get the required certificate to resolve the “Your phone doesn’t have the appropriate certificate to communicate with Gmail” error.

  1. Download the certificate at to your computer.
  2. Transfer the certificate into your mobile phone and store it. .
  1. Click on the File in the finder
  2. Click on the Finder menu » Services » Send file to bluetooth device (shift-apple-b)
  3. Choose your phone from the list and choose send
  4. Accept the file on your phone

  • On your phone go to (on your phones browser, not Opera Mini)
  • Select Download Gmail
  • “Application Source Unknown” Click Continue
  • Accept Certificate
  • Launch gmail
  • Note Widsets are kind of fun.

    Pimp My Furnace

    Pimp My FurnaceI awoke to a 60 degree house on Thursday morning. I thought i could fix it myself so I convinced a wholesaler to sale me a hot surface igniter. I replaced mine, because that’s what happened last time my furnace was on the fritz. That didn’t fix it so I called the HVAC guy over. 6 hours later he tells me it’s my Flame sensor and he’ll need to fix it. $180 dollars later all he did was sand the corrosion off the sensor and it worked fine. Sweet my furnace works, but he then saw another $488 problem. The draft inducer motor was cracked and carbon monoxide is likely leaking into my house. A quick call to my favorite uncle and he replaced the plastic leaky motor with a shinny new aluminum one for less than 1/3 the cost. Nice. Now my house is warm and I’m not dying a slow death from carbon monoxide. Also nice.

    Daily Visitors

    Daily VisitorsThis is what the ladies inside the house, aka the hunting shack, saw when the rest of us were out sitting in our stands getting skunked. This photo was taken out the living room window.

    Homer Hankies at Rest

    Homer Hankies at RestI was lucky enough to get the day off and attend the American League Division Series Game One, the Minnesota Twins vs. the Oakland A’s at the Metrodome (thanks to Ozzy). Even though the Twins lost 3-2 it was a great time. I only saw one A’s fan the entire time I was there.

    It was my first live attendance of a playoff game for any professional team, ever. The fans explode for absolutely everything. Santana is stretching out, standing ovation. Gardy brings the player card to the umpires, standing ovation. Joe Mauer is up to bat, standing ovation. Santana has two strikes, blow the damn roof off.

    The lines to buy Homer Hankies were looooooong. It was pointed out to me that they are selling on ebay for $10, but you can just call 800-33Twins and get them at regular price (more info here).

    Compare the Triangles

    Compare the TrianglesNotice the similarities between the purple triangle on the map on the left and the green triangle on the other map on the right.

    Green triangle = My house
    Purple Triangle = Tornado Vortex Signature

    (view detail here)

    This cell passed without damage… here anyway.

    Oak Marsh Scrable

    Scramble scoresThe first score sheet (pictured) that was passed around had us in first place, but apparently some other team came in a stroke ahead of us. We talked to them with two holes to go and we had a 2 stroke lead, but they miraculously* came in with a lower score. Busch!

    *You keep your own score and no one is there to catch you if you’re shaving strokes. Read more


    BustedI warned Ash, “heads up,” as I was about to tee off – she was getting some practice swings in near the tee-box. Rather than stopping her practice swings and paying attention, she decided to continue her practice swings behind the golf cart. I was in the middle of my back-swing and I what sounded like an avalanche of golf clubs falling from the sky.

    I look up and ask, “Did it break”? To which she quickly replied “What? Break? No, go just go ahead and hit…” with a look of guilt so obvious you’d think she never told a lie in her life. Her follow through colided with a the steal bar on the golf cart that holds the roof in place. The club didn’t have a chance.

    I think it’s funny because I was thinking just one hole earlier how much power she was starting to get out of her swings. Apparently, power enough to snap a graphite shaft against a golf cart like a twig.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July!I wittnesed close up the St. Cloud 4th of July fireworks show for the first time. I’ve been here ten years now and have only seen them from a distance. It’s unbeliveable how many people back into the tiny wilson park. It was touted as the largest show in the cities history, celebrating the sesquicentennial and even though I missed the first 149 of them, I still belive it was the largest.

    BIR 2006

    Jet TruckYet another successful year at Brainerd International Raceway. John’s camaro keeps getting faster so now he’s within a 10th of a second of my dads black and gold camaro. The vette was also faster, with it’s *caugh* new driveshaft. Well, that and it’s got all new poly bushings on the suspention.

    There was also a exebition vehicle there… a get powered dodge ram pickup. It’s litterally a get engine stuffed inside a fibreglass truck body. The guy had to shut down on one of his runs because a fuel like burst. The announser said his shoes were literally dripping with jet fuel – that’s never good.

    You can see more pictures here.

    The Big Rig

    The Big RigWe bought my dad a flagpole for his birthday and we had to use the bravada to bring it up north. Fortunately, no one was empaled by the pirate ships boom.