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Chipotle is apparently no better than McDonalds. Crap.

“Chipotle’s Barbacoa Burrito (with shredded beef, pinto beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa) hits nearly 1,300 calories and three-quarters of a day’s worth of saturated fat. That’s the equivalent of a Quarter Pounder, a large order of fries, and a large Coke.”

Thank god I can’t eat a whole one…

More suicide inducing Chipotle information here.

I figure, hold the guqc and cheese; switch to chicken and it can’t be all bad for you.

Kabobs Round 2

I tried cooking Kabobs last summer, and they didn’t turn out so well. I used a bunch of different veggies like broccoli and potatoes and let me tell you, they didn’t cook well together. The broccoli burnt and the potatoes were nowhere near done. This time we just went with onions, green peppers, yellow peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken, and beef. Things went much better, and a grill full of kabobs always looks good.

What a Suday is All About

Here are what Minnesota summer days are all about. From now until September the sweet corn is available fresh on the roadside, and it’s time to take advantage. We cooked in on the grill, but I think this is the first food that I’ve tried on the grill that I actually prefer cooked on the stove. It takes a lot of work, but doesn’t taste much different.

Still, if you want to try it here’s how it’s done.

  • Remove the silk from the cobs, but don’t mangle the husks because you’ll be closing them back up.
  • Soak them in water for at least 15 minutes – so the husks don’t burn on the grill.
  • Place salt and butter inside the husks and close them back up – you may want to tie them closed with wire.
  • Put them on the grill for 15 minutes on indirect heat – rotating them every 2 minutes.
  • When they’re done, remove the husks and any of the silk you missed.
  • Serve. Whew.

The Holy Grail Grill

If you thought I grilled a lot before, look out. Now that I’ve acquired the transforming holy grail of grills I’ll be grilling breakfast, lunch, and even midnight snacks on this hog (though I bought it for mush less. Sheesh. Try Fleet Farm) .

On a completely unrelated note:
Amazon thought I would want one of these watches. Finally, owners of the geek friendly calculator watch made popular in the 80’s and now only worn by the biggest of geeks have something to upgrade to.

Note to self: buy less geeky things from Amazon so they suggest less geeky products for me to buy.

My Google Cookbook

I just can’t understand how anyone would buy a cookbook anymore. A person can find a comparable recipe on Google before you can even get to the index page of a normal cookbook. When I perfom a search, I like to add the word best to the recipe name I’m looking for. The other day I found a salsa recipe by searching for best salsa recipe and it located a pair that I liked.

I mixed the two best results together and it made a great batch of salsa. Well, it was great at first… but I put too much garlic in so after a while, as the garlic soaked into the rest of the sauce, the salsa could produce breath with enough potency to power a small car — or Canada.