adding insult to injury

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Category: Financial

Tonight, I take on The Man

I will spend tireless hours looking for the tax loophole that allows weblog reading and creating as a write-off. This loophole exists, I am sure of it.

Money is burning a hole..

Now that my total credit card debt is now zilch for the first time in 4 years, I think I should reward myself by purchasing something with them. It’s a toss up between Airport Base Station. Hmmm, which will it be…


If you ever create a piece of stock analysis software, don’t count on getting It’s already taken.

3,000 bucks, just to get started

You may believe that Vanguard is on of the best IRA/UGMA fund managers around. They do put the most money in investors pockets, but if you are a low roller, make sure they don’t

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