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When No One Else Can Bid, You Win!

There were two items that I was shooting for on ebay (the neon sign and bar setup headquarters). Both had attractive “Buy it Now” prices, but, I opted to bid on them instead. Which, as you I Bought it on ebay lovin’ fools know, removes the buy it now option. Both significantly blew past their buy it now prices (one tripled it, the other doubled it). Damn, I wanted this cooler too.

eBay owns your time, or so they think

Quote from eBay on pop-ups

“‘We believe that, when properly used, this tool can help retain users who are flowing from eBay’s home page out to the Internet,’ the company said in its note to members.”

God forbid users should be allowed to leave thier site. [via: Ev]

Why do people spend more on ebay? Who cares I’m selling.

Well, I sold my camera for more than I bought it for (and more than a new one costs new – but he got extra memory and a polarized filter), but I’ve had it for over a year. So I went to best buy and picked up a Canon Elph 110. It’s small, about the size of a deck of cards for double-oh-seven sakes. I thought I wouldn’t like holding it, because I had trouble with my Sony and my caffeine induced shakes, but the metal case makes for a firm feel in your hand – the Elph is easier to hold steady than that big hunk of Sony plastic. I like it, so far. It’s a good thing I don’t have any kitties, because look what happened to Kari when she got a digital camera.

Auction – Identity Fraud

Well, as I predicted, the “too good to be true” deal on the PowerBook G4 ($1400) was just that. It seems that the guy steals the identity of others, places a ton of auctions, and hopes to get a quick return through paypal. Boy did he! I know of a bunch of others that actually forked out the cash and are now shit out of luck!
Tip of the day: don’t buy from ebay sellers with a feedback rating of (0) – especially if there email is [email protected] or similar. Here is a list of people who are probably being screwed. Anyone who can hack a web site is encouraged to run rampant on

Auction Score!

I just bought a Titanium PowerBook G4 400 from an auction at for $1,400. List price for this model is $2,499 (and currently selling in that ballpark on ebay). I think something fishy is going on so I’m going to pay for it with Tradenable. If this actually goes through I have two choices, keep a sweet laptop and sell mine, or sell it for about $1,000 profit. I just know that bastard will back out.

More ebay fun

They stopped the guy who was selling his kidney on ebay, but could they stop someone for selling their soul? The kidney is illegal because it is a part of your body – begging the question Is the soul an un-sellable body part even though your cant prove or disprove its existence?

ebay income, easy money

ebay is the land of compulsive buying schmucks. I sold an original speed super disk drive and 4x USB cr-rom drive for a combined total of $347 and that’s not even counting shipping. The best news is I bought a FireWire 12x10x32 drive. With $40 off $200 or more at and a $50 Mgf’s rebate I am still ahead a couple bucks and a blazin’ drive.