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Fish and Sun

I have two more photos to add to my Desktop Picture Gallery. The first was taken out the drivers side window as I was driving in my car (with the window up unfortunately) on Ash Wednesday as I was passing a church – though neither I nor the church are Catholic) The second is a shot of fish off a pier in Myrtle Beach. The third was again taken through a window, and is a picture of the ocean at Myrtle Beach.


White Christmas – barely

We barely had a white Christmas this year – and for central Minnesota that is very rare. Here are a few desktop pictures ( 1024 by 768 ) taken at my parents house Christmas morning.

Update: I’ve added a few more. They were all taken during a two minute walk around the yard. (Dec 30, 2002 11:50 AM)



Winter lingers

I took these pictures while I was walking to my garage, and driving to work this morning. Images are suitable for desktop pictures and are 1024 by 768. Hoar frost is always photogenic.



Minnesota Autumn

I thought I would add a few more desktop pictures to the collection, your collection. They were all taken either from out my apartment window or from the lawn below my apartment window. I only have two windows, but the view regularly changes. All four were taken today.