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Category: Desktop Pictures

More Desktops

I’ve added a few more pictures to my collection of photos that are suitable for desktop pictures or wallpapers. They are available here.

More Desktops



Fish and Sun

I have two more photos to add to my Desktop Picture Gallery. The first was taken out the drivers side window as I was driving in my car (with the window up unfortunately) on Ash Wednesday as I was passing a church – though neither I nor the church are Catholic) The second is a shot of fish off a pier in Myrtle Beach. The third was again taken through a window, and is a picture of the ocean at Myrtle Beach.


White Christmas – barely

We barely had a white Christmas this year – and for central Minnesota that is very rare. Here are a few desktop pictures ( 1024 by 768 ) taken at my parents house Christmas morning.

Update: I’ve added a few more. They were all taken during a two minute walk around the yard. (Dec 30, 2002 11:50 AM)



Winter lingers

I took these pictures while I was walking to my garage, and driving to work this morning. Images are suitable for desktop pictures and are 1024 by 768. Hoar frost is always photogenic.



Minnesota Autumn

I thought I would add a few more desktop pictures to the collection, your collection. They were all taken either from out my apartment window or from the lawn below my apartment window. I only have two windows, but the view regularly changes. All four were taken today.



The Best Patriotic Desktop Pictures

These may not be the best on the web, but they are what Salted Wound readers thought were the best. Unlike all the other photos in this category (desktop pictures or wallpaper) I didn’t take these pictures or create these images. They are all 1024×768. Here they are in no particular order:




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