adding insult to injury

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Look at me ma, I can fly!

I finally saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon last night. For me it was another Titanic, a let down because of all the lead-up. You see, I didn’t watch Titanic until it was on video, and after I heard 7,421 times that it was the best movie ever. So regardless of how good Titanic, or CTHD are, I expected better.

The lack of love for the movie was evidenced by the fact that I didn’t pretend I was a master ninja after I watched to movie. (You know like the first time you saw The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and you became Leonardo for the next 6 weeks). The movie is worth watching, and I will probably add it to my DVD collection, but I doubt it will be the format that all other movies copy for the next three years… ala Titanic or Strange Brew.