I’m the ripe old age of 28 now and have been living sans females basically since I moved out of the house after high school – as in no live-in, rent-paying females. The dorm floor I lived on, all dudes. All of the apartments I had all through college, roommates all dudes. Now, I’m in my house with, surprise, a dude for a roommate. Save for a few near live in girlfriends here and there, my dwellings have been all bachelor pad.

This is a bad thing.

Given this severe state of bachelorpadness, the things we do, the chores we neglect, and the lapses in judgment we make can be downright hilarious — or disgusting depending on what angle you take. I’ll be posting observations of said bachelorness. I’ve added a new category of post called “Bachelor Life.” Posts of those topics will be of the ain’t no chicks livin’ here so this is how we do things ilk.


To get things started, here’s post number one.

Because of the grim state of decay, growth, and decapitation in my fridge, from this day forward it will be referred to as “The Science Experiment”.

In a sentence: “Hey, any more milk left in the science experiment?”