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While I’m talking Mac rumors…

Today’s phrase on the Apple web site is “To boldly go where no PC has gone before”. When I first read it, I thought to myself “since when does apple call it a PC?”. Then there is the comment Mr. Jobs made when the iPod came out that they would think about making iPod work on a PC in January. To me, it sounds like a hint that the iPod would work on a PC, but let me take it a step further. Not a windows compatible iPod program, but a PC compatible Mac OS? The Mac OS could be a place where the PC has never gone, kinda. I highly doubt it, but with those to quotes pulled out of context you could make that conclusion. I digress, back to smoking crack.

Saving Quicktime movies that have save disabled (OS X)

1. Enable the “Save movies in disk cache” option in the Plug-in pane of the QuickTime System Preference.
1. Enable the “Save movies in disk cache” option in the Plug-in pane of the QuickTime System Preference.
2. Using Internet Explorer, run the trailer.
3. Enable TinkerTool’s “Show hidden and system files” option.
4. Select “Go to Folder” from the Finder’s Go menu and enter “/tmp/501”.
5. There should be a file in this folder with a name that starts with “QuickTimePlugIn…” Drag the file to the Desktop.
6. You can now turn off TinkerTool’s “Show hidden…” option.
7. Use a utility such as Get Info to change the Type and Creator of the file to MooV and TVOD.
8. Use Show Info for the file to select QuickTime Player as the “open with application” selection (this should also change its icon).
9. Finally, you can rename the file if you wish. In any case, the file should now open in QuickTime Player.
[via: MacFixIt]

Apple Retail

The worlds 4th Apple Store will be opening on the 11th in the Mall of America. Last Friday, people started lining up at 5:30 AM for the Texas opening and braved lines of over 400 people throughout the day. I thought I was a mac geek.
Update: Behind on your “current state of the mac”? Read this for an update.

Translation: Death Wish

This is a quote from the boys at As the Apple Turns commenting on the risk another author took by claiming that Microsoft’s Luna interface is more innovative that Mac’s Aqua.

“… an act which, as you all know, is tantamount to dousing one’s genitals in steak sauce and then repeatedly flicking the ear of a sleeping Burmese tiger.”

Flame mail ensues.

LaunchBar an Essential OS X Tool

If you are running OS X, LaunchBar is a deffinate download. It’s amazing how fast and smart it is. It basicly scans your applications, movies, music, bookmarks, email addresses, (plus whatever you feel like adding) and makes an instant macro for launching it. It learns as you go so it gets faster and faster. I took X-Assist off and put LaunchBar on.

Mac OS X Bug

This is the extent of my problems with mac os x. This goofy thing showed up after a tossed an icon out of my doc. The mac usually throws the icon away with a puff of smoke. As you can see here all of the smoke didn’t clear … it just stayed there nice and smokey like. All I had to do to fix it was relaunch the doc, kinda funny. It didn’t cause any problems, didn’t get in the way, so I just left the thing there for like an hour. This is the only problem that I have had with OS X.

Apple Scores Again

The other night we were at the neighbors sipping some cocktails, and got into an argument about who sang a particular song. I then ventured on to there e-machine in search of the artist to find out that thier internet with Astound wasn’t working. I got the bright idea to run home and grab my iBook and ran my Astound internet in thier kitchen wireless from my house. I don’t think they’ll bad talk a Mac again. Needless to say Apple RULES!!!


This is a live shot of the keynote, at least this is how it looked to me. (300k/sec stream over crappy single channel isdn was the reason…not because it was a mac, I set this up on purpose. That should quiet the commenters)

OS X Screenshot

At first glance this image is not so special, but look close. See how every window has a drop shadow. If you have never seen OS X before you are wondering why there are expanding icons across the bottom, that would be the dock. Notice the battery monitor in the dock; how it is bubling and has lightning a bolt on the side to show that it is charging. Sweet. Also, that Kenny image in the background is not actually an image, it’s an icon shown at full size. And of course the transparent terminal.If you want to make a transparent terminal: go to and download TinkerTool (the link will take you strait there).

PHP-MySQL on Mac OS X Beta

[[enable geek]]

Well Mac OS X Public Beta (OSX PB) is installed on my PowerBook. I love how when I am typing this in on Omni-Web the word PowerBook highlights red because it is “misspelled” – right in the freakin’ text window!! Ahem – Anywho, I just found out that someone rebuilt PHP and MySQL (two web applications that this site run on – both free and open source) for OSX PB! So I installed them, so now I don’t have to test my stuff on my webserver, I just duplicated the environment on my laptop and test here.

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Get your own ideas

It has long been the way of the PC industry to follow in Apple’s footsteps. USB, Firewire, wireless networking, 100 base NICs, and uncounted design characteristics (aka iMac look-alikes) are all technologies that PC’s adopted after the mac – well they are at it again. Take a look at the latest PC attempt at design style with this cube look-alike click here.

Mac OS X Themes

It seems that some very amazing themes are capable with apples quartz PDF rendered desktops. Here are some screen shots of some soon to be re-released themes at