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Absolute Genius

I’ve been a big fan of the Coors commercials lately (yes this in an inderect reference to a set of twins), but their latest takes the cake. Wingman is just too damn perfect.

“… but she’s towin’ an anchor, a junior investment banker. Who’s talkin’ about herself and not mcuh more. So buy her a beer, it’s the reason you’re here. Mighty wingman. “

Kills me every time. If anyone has an mpg of this commercial let me know. (I’m just not paying for an adcritic membership and that’s the only place I’ve found it.)
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Damn fine programming

A show caught my eye while flipping through the channels the other night. It was VIP. Damn that’s some good programming. Fine acting. Developed plots (way more than it’s predecessor Bay Watch – they’ve come a long way from slow motion running).

It’s absolutely horrible.

Actually, it was the advertising that caught my attention, honest. I watched enough of the show to see two commercial breaks (you try and watch that much, it’s not as easy as it sounds). All but one of the commercials during the breaks were for video games, x-box and ps2 mostly. Pamela looks as much like a cartoon character as anyone (see also WWE), so it’s no wonder why puberty boys are the target market; it’s the natural progression since they’ve just outgrown cartoons – and well then there’s the raging hormone thing.

Advertising Genious – The ’88 Dodge Aries