The Caption Machine needs a logo so we can sell cool CafePress gear rather than beg for donations. I would like anyone who has a creative ounce in your body to submit what you think a cool logo/corporate identity for the Caption Machine would be.

What am I looking for?

Simple yet memorable logo (see Apple, Disney mouse ears, The Fray).

No gradients or fancy 3d crap.

Muted simple colors so it matches the site (single color or black is good).

Doesn’t have to have “Caption Machine” on it.

Submit a vector based (or whatever) file to me ( logo at captionmachine dot com ) via email.

What’s in it for you?

My deepest gratitude, your name in the credits, pride, and a prize! The winner will get a T-Shirt with the logo they designed on it! Hey, we’re a free site, like we have any prize money sitting around.


The sooner the better. If you get your submissions to me in two weeks or less that would be great. So July 3rd is the deadline! Make me proud.