My Caption Machine website is mentioned in a New York Times article today. (free registration required) The last few paragraphs have a link to the site and mention a little about it. It’s a small article, but fun none the less. The Caption Machine has also been in the Top 100 links by Blogrollers for the past few weeks, hovering in the low 30’s.

Here is the section of the article from the Times that mentions the Caption Machine:

The Caption

Did you ever see a photograph that just begged for an amusing caption? At , such photos get what they deserve. Here any self-professed wit can add captions to more than 50 snapshots รณ all of which offer ripe opportunities for foolishness. The captions for each photo are listed from best to worst, based on voting by site visitors.

Most of the photos are also uploaded by visitors, said Tim Conner of St. Cloud, Minn., creator of the site. Among the most popular, based on the number of captions submitted, are photos of animals, vehicular accidents, and babies with beer bottles. Note that many captions are for mature audiences only. “As funny as you are” is the site’s tagline, and it could be considered a warning as well as an incentive.