BustedI warned Ash, “heads up,” as I was about to tee off – she was getting some practice swings in near the tee-box. Rather than stopping her practice swings and paying attention, she decided to continue her practice swings behind the golf cart. I was in the middle of my back-swing and I what sounded like an avalanche of golf clubs falling from the sky.

I look up and ask, “Did it break”? To which she quickly replied “What? Break? No, go just go ahead and hit…” with a look of guilt so obvious you’d think she never told a lie in her life. Her follow through colided with a the steal bar on the golf cart that holds the roof in place. The club didn’t have a chance.

I think it’s funny because I was thinking just one hole earlier how much power she was starting to get out of her swings. Apparently, power enough to snap a graphite shaft against a golf cart like a twig.