adding insult to injury

Brother’s New House

I took the day off yesterday to help my younger brother and his wife move into their new house. It’s a sweet tri-level with a deck, finished basement, and it has a huge fenced in backyard. He can get just about any kind of dog that he wants, that lucky punk.

For a young pair of newly-weds they have a freakish amount of stuff – family heirlooms mostly. When I moved I was able to get all of my belongings into one 28 ft trailer load, they on the other hand easily filled two. Keep in mind I’ve had three more years to accumulate stuff.

They also have a piano “for looks” because neither actually knows how to play, it just goes with the other antiques. Thankfully we didn’t have enough people there to even attempt to move it up the stairs to the top level, but we did take it out of the trailer and move it into the the garage. It took 6 guys to load it in the trailer, three to get it out.

My brother had his cable internet connection set up before he even moved anything, and even before his wife had set foot in the house. He signed for the house at 1:30, cable internet guy showed up at 1:00. Now that’s managing your priorities.

We were unloading all the stuff into the garage rather than the house because his wife wasn’t there yet to take charge of where things go. I was like “come-on, be a man and make a decision,” as an instigating brother should. He responded with “Give me a break. I don’t even know what ‘the pants’ look like.”