I released BlogApp (screenshots and info available here), my first attempt at an AppleScript Studio application tonight. You can get your own copy for the reasonable price of 6 dollars, which someone actually paid 22 minutes after the site went live, so I guess that’s a good start.
I have some big plans for it, but I may have to wait for the next release of Mac OS X (coming very soon) to pull them off. Here is my real dilemma, I suck at Photoshop, and BlogApp needs a better icon. Anyone feel like being generous can send me a 128 by 128 (pixel) Photoshop (psd) file (transparencies encouraged) that would be just swell. I plan on having a contest of some sorts with a free copy going to the winner. (I know what your thinking, “it’s only a 6 dollar value”. But remember, that’s 100% of my income : )  )