adding insult to injury

BIR 2003 Race Weekend

I had a great extended weekend. It’s that time of year again where my family goes to BIR to race. We do it once a year, and aren’t all that serious about it.

I didn’t take my truck this year due to neglect of maintenance and license. So, I drove and raced my dad’s ’76 Vette instead – I know, it’s a tough job. He just picked it up this spring so we weren’t sure how it would run. As it turns out it runs a little slower than my truck, but because it’s a manual transmission (and a chick magnet) it’s a lot fun to drive. We didn’t place well this year, but there were no morning time trials on elimination day, and we can’t do well every year. I actually lost because I went too fast.

Oh yeah, I spent nearly a week without the internet.