adding insult to injury

Basement project

My dad, my older brother and I framed in the basement on Sunday. The actual labor took us less than four hours, but the head scratching, eating, and a trip to Menards kept us busy from about 10:30 until 5:00. Family help is the best, and It looks great – well, at least it looks better than a pile of 2×4’s.

We didn’t get around to moving the washer and dryer, but that’s okay because I will probably do that on my own. It’s a lot of busy work, ducting in a new dryer exhaust, re wiring the 220, and re-plumbing the washing machine into the new wall. I’ve got to re-plumb and move the wash basin as well.

The next step is for me to wire in the cat-5, phone, and coax to basically every room (upstairs and down), and then hire a friend to wire in the lights and outlets.