adding insult to injury

Basement Project – Step 2 complete

coverThe wiring went well this weekend. We’ve got it completely “ruffed in”. Which means it’s basically ready for the initial inspection. Unfortunately, that means all my pull string lights are still pull string lights.

Step 3 was supposed to be, run 4′ of pvc pipe to new washer location through 2×4’s, but according to city building codes it’s now run 4′ of pvc pipe under the concrete floor.

So, I’ll have to break out the basement floor in a 2′ by 6′ area to relocate the drain for my washer and wash tub. You see, to get another bedroom I’ve altered the original builders plans by combining the separate utility room and laundry room into one larger room. This gives me an office/bedroom to make it a four bedroom house rather than a three. It’s worth the effort, but I’ll have to rent an electric concrete wet saw and a jackhammer to do it. Then re-plumb the drains under the floor. And finally, put in new concrete over the hole. A 20 minute project just turned into a day (or two depending on how much re-bar is in the floor).