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Sond ID By phone

AT&T Wireless is the first carrier in the US to offer Shazamís song identification service.ÝIf you hear a songÝyou like (or donít like, as the case may be) but donítÝknow who itís by, you can just dial #ID (or #43) on your cellphone, hold the phone near the speaker for at least 15 seconds, and then moments later youíll get a text message with the name of the song and recording artist. They say theyíve got a million songs in the database, and that for right now you can try it out for free, though later itíll cost 99 cents a pop. Read more

Minute Minder

Mind your T-Mobile Minutes. Ever wonder how many minutes you’ve used for the month? If you have T-Mobile call #646# (including the pounds) and you’ll get a message that displays your minutes used.